Teen Semi-Formal Dance


Open to all local 13 to 17 year olds.

Just wait to see how we decorate and zhuzh it up! We will be bringing the WOW factor!

Desserts and drinks provided

Starry Night Theme

Saturday, April 15, 2023
at Thrive
7 to 10pm
$35 per person

Tickets are per person and dates are not necessary.​

Kind and respectful behavior is expected.​

No refunds for no shows.​

$35 includes 3 hour event with DJ, decorations, desserts, drinks and dance activities.

All 13 to 17 year olds are welcome but those who can not uphold a high level of KINDNESS AND RESPECT will be asked to leave early or not to return at the discretion of management with no refund.​

TEENS ONLY. No younger siblings or parents may stay during these events. Events are run and supervised by Thrive staff. Exceptions might be made for 12 year olds. Contact Thrive if this is desired.​

NO violence, drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, disrespectful or threatening activities, vandalism, theft, destroying of property or name calling.

Our staff will monitor for these behaviors and teens will be sent home early and/or asked not to return at the discretion of management.​

Our staff will not "baby guard" or monitor for behaviors such as phone use, bad word use (as long as it is not directed at another person), clothing choices or song requests. Likewise we will not interfere with minor positive displays of affection such as hand holding, slow dancing or kissing done with consent. We will not allow "making out" or sexual activity that goes beyond what is normally acceptable in public spaces. We will not tolerate any form of unwanted physical contact.​

Once inside teens are asked to stay until 10pm unless a parent/guardian ok's leaving early. At 10pm teens are no longer in the care or supervision of Thrive staff.​

This dance is organized and managed by Thrive. Please call 530-809-4638 for any questions or concerns.